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These are some of the common questions asked by customers. If your question isn't answered on this page or you require

further information; please contact us.

01     How durable is the reconstituted stone?

            Engineered stone has a high scratch, stain and heat resistance, but placing hot pots directly onto stone is not recommended. All spills

            should be cleaned up as soon as possible.

02     How long is installation from day of measurement collection?

            We work around a 3-15 working day turnaround, provided that a deposit is paid before final measurement and materials (colours)  chosen                are available  from supplier.

03     What should I be cleaning my bench top with?

            To keep your bench tops clean, all you needs is warm soapy water and a soft cloth. You can use low pH neutral liquid detergents.     

            NEVER use bleach, citrus, scourers or anything abrasive. 

04     Can I have stone in my entertaining area / BBQ area.

            If it is under cover you can still use recon (engineered ) stone, as long as it is out of direct sunlight (by putting it outside voids warranty). 

            Granite is the most common stone used in outdoor areas. However; it is still recommended to keep as much direct sunlight away.

05     How big are slabs?

            Generally slabs come 3000mm x 1400mm, but some are available in Jumbo 3200mm x 1600mm (Please contact us to find out what colours              are available with this option).

05     Do I need to seal my benchtops?

            No. Reconstituted stone comes polished, sealed & requires no further maintenance.

            Natural stone needs to be sealed every 12-18 months.








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